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Issue # 12: Oliver 3 - Point Plows

Issue # 12: Oliver 3 - Point Plows

Prior to the 1950's most plows were pull-type. An exception would have been the 62 QD which was clamped onto the axle and pipe and lifted by way of the mechanical lift. The next “mounted” model (pictured on page 7) was the 1171, 1172 and 2172, which were designed for the 66, 77 and 88. It wasn't until 1952 that Oliver introduced a 3-point hitch.

This new option created the need for a new plow. Oliver's answer was to take the previous 2-14 pull-type sulky plow and convert it to the 3-point. This model of plow was the 1214 (pictured on page 22) and was introduced in 1952.

By 1953 there was a need for a plows to fit the entire series of tractors plus many more 3-point implements. There was also a new numbering system incorporated for the 3-point tools. ALL tools designed for use with the 3-point, whether it was a planter, plow or sprayer, now started with the number 3.

The first series of 3-point plows consisted of the 3214, 3216 and 3314. This number system is easy to decipher. 3214 = 3 point, 2 bottom x 14”. 3314 = 3-point, 3-bottom x 14”. However, these plows were not really engineered to be 3-point plows. They were simply the former pull-type sulky plows, converted for 3-point use.

About 1955 a plow designed specifically for 3-point use was introduced. Incorporating a flat truss beam, it was known as the 3240. By 1957, minor changes were made and it evolved into the 3241. In 1964 this plow again took on minor improvements and became the 3242. This plow was available with a spring trip or a shear pin. The previous models only had a spring trip or they were rigid. The 3242 was also sold as the Minneapolis-Moline M550 but was painted red. It was also available as the Cockshutt model. Most likely the rarest of these models would be the 3242 cane plow, which had a special tall hitch to accomodate the hi-crop models.

In 1955 Oliver also introduced its first 3-point disc plow. While the Oliver plows were the foundation of their fame, ironically, this disc plow was not built by Oliver. It was built by Southern Iron and Equipment Company in Chamblee, Georgia.

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